Itinerary planning

The perfect itinerary is the one tailored to your clients’ interests and pace. Our expert in-house team will listen carefully and assist you in designing their dream vacation.We will share with you all the best well-hidden secrets of magical locations to make their experience unforgettable.

Berth Reservations

Securing a berth, especially in high season and in popular ports, can be challenging. Through our long-standing and excellent cooperation with marinas, we can guarantee that your yacht will be guided to the right direction, towards the best available berth.

Yacht Clearance & Formalities

Taking care of the necessary documentation and providing support for the duration of you stay is a vital service. Acting on behalf of the Captain, we handle all formalities involving arrivals, departures, harbor masters and customs.


Bunkering means so much more than simply refueling a yacht. Our established contacts with major fuel suppliers allow us to (i) provide top quality fuel that safeguards the engine (ii) make sure you get the best rates and (iii) that you bunker in a location suitable for your trip.

Helicopter & Jet rental

Flying from point to point has its advantages. It saves time and guards your privacy while offering comfort and flexibility. If a helicopter is on the agenda, it can take you to remote destinations and also provide the ideal aerial views for a photo shoot.

On-Board entertainment

When guests start entertaining thoughts about a party or an intimate celebration, we are on hand to make them a reality. From jazz bands to fireworks, we take care of everything to create magical nights to remember.


We can make your deepest wishes and desires come true. Sourcing from our well established network of suppliers, we make sure to provide the best products available. We are here to help even with the most exquisite of your menu demands. From tender Wagyu beef to Tasmanian cherries, there is nothing we will not strive to get to you.

Transfers & Tours

By collaborating with experienced drivers, we ensure your safety and ease. A wide selection of vehicles, ranging from minivans to limousines, is available and private tours are designed with the assistance of professional guides. All catered to your needs.

VIP concierge services

Accommodating any request at any time is our motto. Our network of service providers includes but is not limited to: beauty & fitness professionals, masseuses, personal shoppers, yoga instructors, event planners, dentists & doctors, interpreters.

Hotel & Restaurant reservations

When it comes to making a last minute reservation at a Michelin starred restaurant or booking the best suite at a coveted hotel, we rise to the occasion. With our insider’s knowledge and the assistance of an unparalleled network, we are here to satisfy your wishes.

Security services

Each client has a unique profile and we customize our services to their specific needs. Whether it is an executive driver or even armored transportation, the protection offered is reliable and effective. It is seldom seen but always present.

Courier services

Providing solutions for the speedy & safe delivery of parcels to a yacht can make the difference, especially when it comes to spare parts. We only work with international courier services that are capable of delivering according to the high demands of the industry.

Crew placement

A great pipeline of talent and meticulous screening according to your exact criteria, ensure that the candidates presented are the best fit to your requirements. Each candidate is thoroughly interviewed and references are cross checked in order to put the right person in the right place.

Crew repatriation

By arranging transportation of the crew, including repatriation, we can set your mind at ease. We take care of all the paperwork & immigration details.

Technical Services

Solving any technical problems that might arise is key to keeping a yacht running smoothly. Our in-house Technical Services team provides turnkey solutions and specialized support to your yacht on every level.

Winterizing Services

Winterization is essential to protecting your investment and making sure it stays in ship-shape condition. Whether you choose to haul the yacht out or allow it to remain in the water, we will provide you with expert advice and the ideal solution.

Insurance Claims

Unfortunately, things can go wrong. That is when quick and competent handling is vital. Our in-house naval architects and engineers, in cooperation with the assigned surveyors, offer the highest level of support in the event of a claim.

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